Lata Mangeshkar – Voice of the millenium

Lata Mangeshkar – Voice of the millenium


This blog is truly dedicated to honerable shri Lata Ji…
It’s an immanse pleasure for me to put this blog open for public on the 80th birthday of Shri Lata Mangeshkarji…


The placid face. The Mona Lisa-esque half smile. The metronomic motion of jaws working chewing gum — which she imports by the cartonload to keep her throat supple. The crisp white cotton sari.
And above all else, The Melodious Voice…

That’s one & only the great

It is a voice that no Indian can miss.

Delightfully high, the notes rendered clearly to the last bar, the words pronounced with a rare panache – the voice has haunted Indians for the over five decades.

The ‘masseuse’ of this all-pervading music and the queen empress of India’s immensely popular light music industry, is a portly, dark, camera-shy, plain-as-jane, woman, Latabai Mangeshkar, who, as a playback singer, enjoys today, a clout, which even the movie moguls of the country’s film industry cannot dream of.

Lata Mangeshkar’s songs have captured the hearts and imagination of millions of her admirers around the world. They have become an inseparable part of the daily lives of Indians – wherever they may be.

Words fail to express the depth and scope of Lata Mangeshkar’s genius. Lata Mangeshkar has come to symbolise India in a way that no one else has, or ever will for years to come.

On her 79th birthday, I would like to show my appreciation for her songs by creating this blog tryly dedicated to this singer whose voice has cheered me up on many a blue evening and made life worth living after all.

-Musician Rakshit Shah


Posted on: May 4, 2016Dimple Pancholi

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